Perforated Metal Sheet

A perforated metal is a piece of sheet metal that has been mechanically punched using modern day machinery & technology to create a pattern of holes, slots, and various aesthetic shapes in different kinds of metals.

Perforated metal has a wide array of functions, features, advantages, and applications. It can be produced with unperforated or plain margins (borders) on all 4 sides which is particularly important if the perforated sheets needs to be finished with an add-on job of bending &/or flanging or by adding fixing holes.

  • Maximum Thickness: 12mm (M.S) & 8mm (S.S)
  • Maximum Width of Sheet / Coils: 1500mm

Standard Sheet Size Available in Market

MS/HR Sheets
  • 1250mm (W) x 2500mm (L)
  • 1420mm x 2500mm
  • 1520mm x 2500mm
  • 1520mm x 3150mm
Stainless Steel
  • 1000mm x 2500mm
  • 1250mm x 2500mm
  • 1500mm x 3000mm
  • 1220mm x 2440mm
  • 900mm x 2500mm
  • 1000mm x 2500mm
  • 1250mm x 2500mm

Why use Perforated Screen Plates?

  • Exceptional Wear Life – it outlast wire cloth.
  • More Accurate Screening – perforations remain uniform.
  • Greater Choice – you can choose different styles like round, square, slot.
  • Less Down Time – very few change outs during production and easy to maintain
  • Wider Thickness Range – different thickness can used for different applications

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