Value Added Services

We can offer a variety of value added services to your product, as per your requirements. This facilitates you to save time & costs of outsourcing these activities to a third party company.

  • Cutting / Shearing

    A perforated sheet may be cut to a specific size, meeting the needs of the final application.

  • Welding

    Welding is done to join two or more sheets to achieve the final result depending on the requirements. It can be carried out by different procedures.

  • Grinding / Deburring

    The process is used to reduce sharp edges on perforated sheets and remove burr on the back side of perforated sheets if there is any. It is an important task not to comprise the correct function of the final product.

  • Bending (CNC Press Brakes)

    A press brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material upto 4 Meters. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and die.

  • Straightener / Leveller

    The perforating process naturally makes the material curve / bend depending on the open area and the blank borders. We have in house facility for straightening the sheets after perforation.

  • Powder Coating / Painting

    We have a powder coating setup with a automated conveyer system done with 7 tank procedure enabling us to deliver the highest standard finished product.