Wire Mesh or Wire Cloth is a common type of metal screen consisting of parallel rows and intersecting columns of wire.Woven Mesh is formed when cross wires and line wires are crossed over and under each other.Wires are woven on industrial weaving looms to a precise specification, leaving either square or rectangular gaps between the wires.

Woven wire is commonly used for industrial filtration, sieving, shielding, sifting, screening, sorting and separation processes.

Welded Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh is the term given to the kind of barrier fencing that is manufactured in square, rectangular form from bright dawn Mild Steel Wire or Stainless Steel Wire, electrically welded at all intersections. Because it’s welded, it can be cut or bent in the shape required without the wires falling apart and forms its own selvage when cut and since the bonds of welded Mesh are welded together, they are able to provide a certain level of rigidity and strength.

  • Applications:
  • Screens and Grills
  • Machine Guards
  • Fencing and Gates
  • Safety Barriers
  • Screened Partitions