The Wonderful Things That Holes Can Do :

Beside Filtration & Separation of liquids, solids & gases, Perforated Sheets can provide the Perfect Solution to Multi-faceted design problems of Product Designers or Architects.

Agricultural Equipment Laundry Equipment Architecture Decorative Patterns
Sugar Furniture Audio Filtration
Electronic Enclosures Food Industry Medical Sound Proofing

Many More Applications..

Industrial Applications Decorative & Architectural Applications
Filter Liquids, Separate & Size Solids Speaker Grills
Agricultural Equipments Ceiling Tiles, Stairways, Grills
Acoustical Insulations – to absorb sound Furniture – Chairs, Table tops
Food Industry – Flour Mills, Sugar Mills, Bakery, Malt Mills, Rice Milling Display Surfaces or Shelves
Filters – Industrial, Automobiles Sound Proofing
Laundry Equipments – Washing Machines, Tumblers, Steam Iron Tables, Dryers Lighting Fixtures
Mines, Engineering Applications Creating Light Effects
Pollution Controls, Material Handling Partitions
Building Exteriors Water Drainage In Kitchens