Manufacturing Unit

  Plot No.282, Sector 68,IMT, Faridabad, Haryana (INDIA)

Welcome to Goelka!
We can supply you with as many holes, irrespective of shape, as your needs may dictate! we supply perforated metals in steels, plates, or in coil form in a variety of widths and thickness. We also make Wire Meshes & Wedge Wire Screens. The company is  well known  as  India's  first manufacturer of Centrifugal  &  filter screens.
Manufacturing Capabilities

As one of the largest Perforator of India, Goelka has the advanced and extensive range of tooling to meet special requirements from 0.5mm to 75mm diameter holes. There is a constant endeavour at Goelka’s modern and well equipped tool room to develop new tools to meet the demands of our customer. We perforate from to 0.3mm to 12mm thick sheets in:

» Mild steel
» Stainless Steel
» Aluminum
» Galvanized steel  
We have relocated our factory at IMT, Faridabad, from August, 2016
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